Welcome to the Global From Asia Listing Directory. This is a directory for Hong Kong service providers from CPAs and other agencies who can help you with your company setup and upkeep.

Why did we make this directory?

Sure, there are plenty of directories on the internet – but not many for Hong Kong CPAs. We constantly get people asking us for recommendations on which Hong Kong Certified Public Accountant they should work with. And if this CPA was good or not. They wanted to see who else had worked with them and if there was any feedback on the accounting service.

We couldn’t find this anywhere! Sure there are some government listings, but they didn’t give enough details, and didn’t let the community leave honest reviews about their experience with the agency.

So here you are – we have answered your call and have a directory for you to find a CPA you’d like to work with. You can also link them to your friends and help promote good HK CPAs.

This is one thing we have found – CPAs are so busy and have trouble keeping up with their client’s requests. So let’s work hard to find those who are doing the best service there is out there.